The Global Village Band Kirkland Lake Ontario - John Gagnon, John Petryk and Perry Levinski
The Global Village Band Kirkland Lake Ontario - John Gagnon, John Petryk and Perry Levinski
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Global Village band in Kirkland Lake

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Perry Levinski

Perry started playing drums by the time he was in grade 8 in separate school. He remembers the first gig It was in the school basement and it was the first time he had ever sat behind a real set of drums He was not even sure how to use the hi hat. Perry's parents could not afford to buy a drum kit so they gave him money to rent from the local music store called Druin music. He loaded them into a cab and set them up in the school basement. Up to this time, he had been practicing on cardboard boxes using spoons, knives and forks as drumsticks and setting the boxes up like a drum kit. You had to have a good imagination says Perry. I even coaxed my sisters into playing air guitar, although it was so long ago, air guitar was not even a name yet. Then the Beatles made their debut on the Ed Sullivan show and that was it.. I gotta be a drummer said Perry and get some drums.

The best he could do however, was a set of bongos and he and his friends did some small school gigs. Perry would have to play the bongos so hard his hands were red, swollen and so sore. Gigs in those days were sort of an ....unplugged type setting with small amps. Even the microphones were plugged into the amps sounded not so good but they had so much fun. Another of the early bands he played in was Blaze Healey and the Comets. Blaze played sax and there was a guitar, organ player, bass and Perry on drums. Nobody on vocals, it was strictly an instrumental band.

Again, he still did not have a set of drums, so he borrowed them from a friend who eventually found out what he was doing and stopped lending the drums so he could do them himself cutting Perry out of the loop. Finally Perry got a break when the bass players mom, Mrs. Petryk loaned the guys the money to buy a full set of band equipment from a group that was breaking up. From this, the band eventually was formed as the Global Village.

This was the band that entered the Battle of the Bands contests in Rouyn/Noranda and it was a very busy time. Rock music was being born with bands like Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, setting the tone and benchmark for the music scene.

After the Global Village broke up, Perry joined up with friends, Brian Briscoe and Brett McNaueal. Together, with other various members coming and going, the 3 played together for many many years. Perry began to explore the piano and co-wrote a song with Brett that was signed with Marpatt publishing out of Nashville which was to be used in a motion picture. This motivated Perry in writing and polishing his songs more and more and gave him the boost he needed to write even though he didn't know the names of most of the chords. Perry remembers being in the house band playing drums during a summer Gold Daze event held at the Strand theatre in Kirkland Lake. and Alan Thick and his wife at the time Gloria Loring were the feature attraction and they did a few duets. It was an exciting gig. Perry also played drums for Evelyn Kasner also know as Mary Bailey in the recording studio on her first single called "Take my Hand". Evelyn later went on the manage Shania Twain.

Brett and Bob Johnson were the people who introduced Perry into recording in Toronto. There were many many recording sessions back in those days. Finally, the bands broke up. Things changed, Perry sold his drums, but he did not stay idle. He joined a achapella singing group and this lasted for several years improving his sense of harmony. It was Perry's daughter and boyfriend at that time who first gave him some recording software. He was so taken up with it...that over the next few years began to build his home studio and slowly improving his recording smarts. Today, you will find him most evenings down in the basement either writing a new song or recording someone else's dreams. Its a labour of love.

The Global Village Band Kirkland Lake Ontario - John Gagnon, John Petryk and Perry Levinski
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